We are a visionary team of passionate, professional, caring and talented human beings with a proven track record of making magic happen behind the scenes.

Founded by Jodi Tario-Caney and Dot Kyle, Run of Show (ROS) provides specialist production services for entertainment, bringing a unique 360° perspective rooted in an extraordinary breadth of film production expertise.

With extensive experience working with A-list talent, world class studios and technical crews, we breathe life into each and every step of the content journey: From creative vision to conception, execution and delivery.

Along with production support we plan, produce and direct every element from image galleries and behind-the-scenes footage to social capture, AV spots and EPKs – creating stand-out publicity packages for every production we work on.

ROS is built on our shared belief in the power of collaborative environments to nurture creativity, and with a desire to make an impact, to educate and inspire through our work whilst promoting kindness and sustainability in the process.

We have worked with:


Jodi Tario-Caney is a high energy, creative producer with years of experience working across all aspects of film.

A visionary production and marketing content specialist with a particular passion for photography, lighting and motion, Jodi is an expert in creating the full spectrum of marketing assets.

Working closely with strategic, creative and publicity teams, alongside a phenomenal personal network of photographers, directors and other creatives, Jodi also has a strong history of building and managing relationships with A-List talent as well as a unique understanding of studio protocol.

Hailing from Toronto, Canada, where she started her career in the film industry, Jodi is a talented people manager, building and motivating dynamic, creative teams and cultivating an inclusive culture. No production is too ambitious for Jodi, who is inspired by films that tell compelling stories and effortlessly engage their audience.

Jodi has worked with studios including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Disney, Paramount, Universal, HBO, ABC, CBS along with many more and is an IATSE signatory.


Dot Kyle’s expertise is built on nearly 20 years’ experience in the film industry.

Dedicated to delivering best-in-class work from concept to execution, her unique and diverse experience includes camera and special effects as well as production for marketing and publicity.

From studio and independent international feature films to television shows, documentaries and commercials, Dot has worked across multiple genres and global locations, expertly managing A-List talent, crews, budgets and Film Tax Relief claims.

Originally from New Zealand, growing up in the shadow of the volcano famed for its role in the Lord of The Rings trilogy, Dot is incredibly passionate about the film industry and the power of collaborative environments to nurture creativity. She is driven by her desire to make an impact, to invoke, educate and inspire – and promote kindness and sustainability in the process.

Dot is a member of WFTV, BAFTA and Production Guild of Great Britain and has worked with studios including Amazon and Warner Bros as well as Spike TV, Starz, ABC, Disney, Endemol, Lionsgate, Sony, Showtime, Sky, CBB and TVNZ to name a few.